Earthen pot one week experience diary

Don't you often hear that "rice cooked in an earthenware pot is delicious" ?

This time, I tried using "Clay pot with wooden handle (medium) Ryo Makita Mino ware" for a week, and I summarized my daily impressions like a diary, so please take a look if you like.

The first day of earthen pot life

I tried cooking the rice.

I'm not very good at cooking, but I'll try it anyway! As expected (laughs), I failed the first time.

I forgot to soak it in water, and because the amount of water was not enough, the bottom part, such as the burnt part, became hard enough to get stuck in my teeth. Not good for children. Next time, I want to make it delicious, so I prepare well. I learned how to easily cook rice in a clay pot. It is better to prepare from the beginning. lol

① Lightly sharpen with water.

Add enough water to the earthenware pot to cover the rice, stir gently once to wash the rice, and discard the water immediately. Be careful not to scrub too many times as the rice grains will break.

② Soak it in water.

Add enough water to fully soak the rice. 30 minutes in summer. 1 hour is recommended in winter .

③ Put it in a colander and drain it.

④Put the rice back into the earthenware pot and add about 440ml of water for 2 go and about 660ml for 3 go .

Put it on the fire. At first , high heat until it boils → low heat for 15 minutes → turn off the heat and let it steam for 15 minutes .


Day 2

Today, I adjusted the amount of water and soaked well, so I was able to cook it deliciously!

I measured 440ml for 2 go and put it firmly.

I think I'll try cooking 3 tomorrow!

After I ate it, I saw that there were burn marks on the bottom, so I had an idea. If you add tea at the end and drink it, you can eat it deliciously like ochazuke, and you can also get the rice attached to the earthen pot, killing two birds with one stone.

third day

I tried cooking 3 cups today.

There were no spills and it was delicious! The moment I opened the lid, the grains stood up and whet my appetite!

When I put rice in a clay pot on the dining table, each member of my family ordered the amount of food they wanted to eat, which helped reduce housework.

After adding rice to the curry, I had some rice left over, so I made salted rice balls. There was also a burnt part and it was delicious. It's delicious even when it's cold!

The children also had an earthenware pot on the dining table, and when they saw the leftover rice, they wanted to make rice balls, so they started making them themselves.

If you surround the earthenware pot, you can enjoy a lively gathering . I thought it would be nice to have a peaceful atmosphere . Very popular with children!

At the beginning, I wrote that it takes 15 minutes from boiling to low heat, but depending on the type of gas stove, it has a function to cook rice. It was attached to our gas stove, so it became easy to do it with the switch-on of the gas stove.

If you pay attention to the amount of water, you can change how it is cooked according to your preference.

the forth day

Today I felt cold all at once from the morning, so I made a hot pot.

It was easy to carry from the gas stove to the table using the wooden handle.

First pot of the year for the first time in half a year.

I use a medium clay pot (for 2-3 people). It was just the right amount for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) and I was full.

For photography (laughs), when I cut carrots into flower shapes, the children were happy to eat them.

The black pan will tighten the color of the dining table and make it stylish!

Tomorrow, I will make rice porridge using the remaining soup.

fifth day

For lunch, as I had promised yesterday, I had rice porridge. A simple rice porridge with only thigh meat, eggs, and green onions.

It was so easy and delicious!

“Life in an earthenware pot is good,” everyone said.

For dinner, rice cooked with salmon and mizuna. Children are also delicious! and finished eating.

From the ingredients, it didn't look good, but the charred part is the real charm of the cooked rice. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sixth day

I had oden in the evening.

With a tabletop stove, you can keep the warmth at the dining table, so I suddenly wanted it. The atmosphere of the oden in the earthenware pot came out better than the stainless steel pot, and the food progressed.

Seventh day

When I entered "Amazake/Nabe" in Cookpad and looked it up, Marukome's "Fermented Bijin Nabe" dish came out and I was curious, so I tried making it.

The fermented combination of amazake and miso gave it a rich flavor, but it was surprisingly light and easy to eat. Children often ate their favorite ingredients.

The soup in the bowl is easy to drink, and it is a healthy dish, so it is recommended for the coming season.

Impressions after using


・ The wooden handle is natural and has a nice taste . Convenient for carrying, opening the lid, and placing.

・ Just put the wooden handle on the lid and return your wrist, you can turn it over and put it on the desk as it is, so you don't need a pot holder. Hats off to the functionality of the handle.

・ The handle is solid and durable, so you don't feel the weight of 2200g.

・ The handle can be removed when washing the container body, making it easy to wash .


・ Black is modern and cool .

・ Pottery pots are warm and soothing.

・ The thickness is thin, the craftsmanship is felt, and it is refined.

It's the season when new rice is delicious, the season when hot pot is delicious as the weather gets colder, and the earthenware pot brings you a happy time and enriches your life .

I'm thinking about starting a life with clay pots again. How would you like to live with earthenware pots? I highly recommend it.


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