Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size
Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size

Nokori-zome Goshuin book pouch 2 book size

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  • Soft colors and simple design

    An eco-friendly pouch with natural colors born from the blessings of nature.
    The rustic yet eye-catching light colors are all dyed with the “leftovers” of food.

    A pouch that holds two red stamp books, which are indispensable for visiting shrines and temples, can also be used as a small smartphone pouch by putting a wallet or smartphone in it.
    The simple and slim design is suitable for all generations and genders.

  • "Dyed" born from the blessings of the earth

    We use various natural blessings harvested from the earth, such as grapes, adzuki beans, and plums.

    "Remnants" of food materials that are eventually thrown away in the process of making food.
    Nokori-zome is dyed using this “nokori” as a raw material.
    The gentle and soft colors derived from nature are born from the spirit of "mottainai".
    Eco-friendly and natural "nokori-zome", which is rich in the blessings of the earth, gently blends in with modern Japanese life.
    "Nokori-zome" does not dye polyester or artificial threads at all.
    Please enjoy the gentle touch and unique texture that can only be expressed by things born from nature.

  • commitment to nature

    Using materials that can be used safely and securely, we aim for a simple and long-lasting shape.
    It is sewn in a factory that has been in the textile dyeing industry since 1899. The outer fabric is 100% hemp, and the inner fabric is 100% cotton dyed with the same food.
    The texture of the buttons, which goes well with linen, is also good, and the design is of good quality. All the strings are dyed with oolong tea leaves, giving it a nice accent.

  • The pochette type that can be folded can also be used as a smartphone pouch

    A pochette type with a maximum length of 113 cm.
    It can be easily adjusted by simply tying it between the end of the string and the clasp, and can be used by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
    It can be hung diagonally, so it's a convenient pouch that leaves both hands free, and it's very light.
    Because it is thin, it can be folded into a compact size and can be stored without taking up much space.

  • Azuki

    It is dyed with domestic adzuki bean skins received from a long-established Japanese confectionery store.
    It is characterized by its deep red-brown color with red bean Nara.

  • blueberry

    It is dyed with blueberries after squeezing the juice.
    It is characterized by its deep blue color, which is picked from the suburbs of Karuizawa.

  • chestnut

    The color is dyed with chestnut bark inherited from a long-established chestnut confectionery shop.
    Chestnut skin is characterized by its unique depth of color.

  • parsley

    The color is dyed with parsley after squeezing vegetable juice.
    Parsley has a distinctive green color.

  • Plum

    It was dyed with "Nanko plum" from Kishu after making plum wine.
    It features a refreshing color unique to plum.

  • wine

    It is a color that is dyed with grapes after fermenting as Merroll wine from Shiojiri, Nagano Prefecture.
    It features an elegant and calm purple color.

  • cherry blossoms

    The thinned branches of the 1,500-year-old light ink cherry tree in Motosu City, Gifu Prefecture are used for dyeing.
    It features a light pink color that is unique to cherry blossoms.

  • Wormwood

    It is dyed with broth after making kusa mochi in Ibigawa-cho, Gifu Prefecture, a medicinal herb warehouse.
    It features a deep green color that is unique to mugwort.

  • persimmon

    It is dyed with the skin of "Dojo Hachiya persimmon", a specialty of Hachiya-cho, Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture.
    It features a pale orange color that is unique to persimmons.

  • Hiwada

    Hida, Gifu Prefecture, which is a heavy snowfall area.
    The scenery of snow piled up on the cypress mushroom roof is unique to Japan.
    It features a light brown color that is unique to Hiwada.

  • About the product

    14.5cm wide x 21.5cm long
    Outer material: 100% hemp
    Lining: 100% cotton
    Producing area
    made in Japan
    Taisei Kiln
    *Avoid using or cleaning the washing machine. Add an appropriate amount of detergent to water below 30°C and wash by hand for about 2 minutes.
  • お取り扱いのご注意

    * Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly depending on the PC environment you view.

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