Yosawa wood craft charcuterie board

Yosawa wood craft charcuterie board

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  • Use as a plate or as a plate.
    morning, noon and night. A brunch board that can be used anytime.

    The usual meal is produced elegantly.
    Perfect size for brunch with bread, pancakes, salad, etc.
    Because of its height, it blends seamlessly with other tableware on the table.

    Because of the unevenness, the baked bread does not get stuffy, and rice balls and seaweed rolls do not stick to each other.
    Since there is a rim, meat juices and sauces will not flow out.
    The grooves are spaced just enough so that cups and pots can be placed on them without wobbling.

  • KITO is a wooden product series created in 2019 by designer Masanori Oji.

    It was named so that you can spend your daily life with trees.
    It is a tray that is carefully made from a single piece of wood and retains the quality of the material.
    It is safe for children because it uses domestic wood.

  • An uneven wooden plate with high moisture absorption.

    Since it is made of wood, it absorbs moisture, and since the surface of the plate has four ridges, freshly baked bread does not stick to it, and you can enjoy it without getting stuffy and crispy.
    Even if you put rice balls or seaweed rolls on it, it won't get sticky and is easy to clean.

  • You can also use it as a plate.

    Since it is a wide board, you can use it as a plate by placing cups and glasses on it.
    One plate becomes a plate.

  • Also for your hospitality.

    With a large board, it is also useful for carving out family members and customers. This plate is recommended for serving your favorite foods such as bread, cakes, and steamed buns.

  • Please enjoy a special moment.

    Hospitality for customers such as tea parties, and drinking at home.
    A natural hue enhances a dish.

  • You can also use it as a cutting board.

    Bread, roll cakes, and meat can also be cut and served on the spot, shortening the time to and from the kitchen.
    The warm grain of the wood gives it a high-quality feel, so no decorations are necessary. It looks stylish as it is.
    It is an excellent item that can be used as a cutting board and plate even when camping.

  • The surface is coated with glass.

    The surface is glass-coated, making it easier to clean than uncoated ones.
    You don't need wraps or sheets, and you can put ingredients and dishes as they are. It is a convenient branch board that can be used immediately when you want to use it, as it can be used as a plate, tray, board, etc.

  • ``Yoshisawa Lumber Crafts'' provides the comfort of wood in people's daily lives

    It takes about 100 years for the wood to grow to a size that can be used for plates and trays. Tozawa Lumber Crafts uses the precision and speed of machines to carve the tough wood from the mountains without waste, and delicately polish it by hand to create a high-quality texture. We would like to provide the “beauty of wood” in everyday life by shaving the 100-year power trapped in solid wood so that it can be used for more than 100 years.

  • About the product

    cherry blossoms
    liquid glass paint
    Producing area
    Japan (Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture)
    *Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in the size of each piece. In addition, there are various knots, natural holes, and the color and shade of the wood grain.
    *Do not place near fire. Overheating may cause cracking and deformation.
    * Rattling may be seen on the bottom part.
  • 使用可能熱源

    食器洗浄機※本体のみ ×
    電子レンジ ×
    直火※本体のみ ×
    オーブン※本体のみ ×
    IH ×
    グリル※本体のみ ×
    • お取り扱いのご注意

      *Because it is handmade, there are individual differences in the size of each piece. In addition, there are various knots, natural holes, and the color and shade of the wood grain.
      * Direct fire, IH, microwave oven, dishwasher, oven cannot be used.
      *Do not place near fire. Overheating may cause cracking and deformation.
      *Do not leave it soaked in water or place anything with moisture on it. If you put something with a lot of moisture or something that contains it, it will stain in about 15 minutes.
      *If it gets dirty, wipe it with a tightly wrung out cloth, or wash it gently with a sponge dipped in a neutral detergent. Wipe off the moisture immediately after washing.
      *Because it is made of solid wood, it may warp due to sudden temperature changes or dry conditions, but placing it with the back side up will prevent warping.
      * Rattling may be seen on the bottom part.
      *Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly depending on your PC environment.

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