Matsunoya Japanese pepper pestle 17cm

Matsunoya Japanese pepper pestle 17cm

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  • A pestle made from Japanese pepper tree, which has excellent durability and antibacterial properties.

    A 17cm pestle made from Japanese pepper tree, which is durable and antibacterial and fits comfortably in your hand.
    This size is recommended for those who live alone or families with 2-3 people.
    The design that makes use of the texture of the material and the handmade pestle by craftsmen bring the warmth of wood to the kitchen and dining table.

  • The pestle has been an indispensable tool in people's lives since ancient times.

    In particular, the Japanese pepper tree is thought to be good for indigestion and stomach pain, and because it has a detoxification effect, it has been useful to prevent food poisoning in the days when there were no refrigerators.
    Sansho wood, which has an antibacterial effect, is strong and durable against abrasion.
    The secret is related to the time it takes for the tree to grow. It takes 10 years from planting to grow thick, so the rings become dense and overlap, giving it durability.
    It is said that trees that grow straight and can be used as a pestle are very valuable because the internal hardness increases, making it difficult for them to grow thick and large.

  • The form that makes the most of natural materials and shapes fits well in the hand.

    The tip has a smooth roundness so that it can be easily rubbed from any angle, and it can be hung and stored by making a hole in the top and passing a string through it.
    Also, one of the charms is that the bark is left as much as possible so that the impression of sansho can be maintained. When it comes to cooking utensils, we tend to choose inorganic textures, but they make us feel the warmth and vitality of gentle wood.
    Sansho peppers grown in nature and handcrafted by craftsmen are not the same, and each one has a different expression, which is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and is also one of the pleasures.

  • The length of 17 cm is just the right size to hold with one hand.

    The ability to hold the bowl with one hand and rub it with light force is probably an important point when using a mortar and pestle.
    The rustic texture and easy-to-hold shape make it a unique pestle, and the more you use it, the more you will love it.
    You can also enjoy the aging of the pestle as it wears down little by little.

  • sesame seeds and nuts,
    You can also use it to filter miso.

    The pestle is most useful for rubbing sesame seeds and nuts, but it can also be used to strain miso paste. This pestle is made from the branches of Japanese pepper, so please enjoy the faint and delicious aroma when you rub it.

  • It is a gem that you will want to use for a long time.

    Due to the use of natural wood, it is easy to grow mold in damp places, so it must be dried thoroughly.
    If you put it in hot water immediately after use, it will be easier to remove dirt.
    If you wash without detergent, the scent of the wood will not be lost, but if detergent is used, rinse thoroughly and dry thoroughly.

    When the pestle is dry, hang it up for storage.
    Please note that a damp place such as a closed place may cause mold to grow.

    If you wet the tip of the pestle with water before using it, the fine wooden holes in the pestle will absorb moisture and swell, making it difficult for dirt to clog and allowing you to use the pestle for a long time.

  • Enriching everyday life with the blessings of nature

    Founded in 1945, Matsunoya is now a rough goods wholesaler that deals in household goods centered on natural materials. At Matsunoya, we have developed original products that meet the needs of the present age together with producers.
    We will enrich your daily life with tools for living that are perfect for today's lifestyles, born from "nice manufacturing that is neither the best nor the best".

  • About the product

    total length about 17cm
    Japanese pepper
    Producing area
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    電子レンジ ×
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    オーブン※本体のみ ×
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