Matsunoya Straw Kettle Large

Matsunoya Straw Kettle Large

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  • Straw trivet that feels the warmth of hand-knitting

    A pot stand that is carefully woven one by one by craftsmen. The folded stitches and natural colors give you a warm feeling.

  • Strong and stable thickness

    Maintains balance even with heavy pots.
    It goes great with hot pot dishes, which are a staple of cold winters.

  • beautiful and delicate weaving

    It was originally used by a farmer for his own use, but now he makes it during the season when the season begins to bloom and ships it to us.
    The carefully woven pattern is beautiful, and the more you use it, the more you will love it.

  • Appearance like interior

    It has a ring so that it can be hung, so it can be stored on a hook when not in use.
    The stylish appearance will look great on the dining table or in the kitchen.

  • Available in 3 sizes

    Small size/φ14.5cm Recommended size for teapots and pots Medium size/φ19cm Perfect size for pot for 1 person

  • As a gift for loved ones

    Using rice straw, craftsmen have carefully woven the pot stand one by one, giving it a natural color and a warmth that can only be achieved by hand.
    The stylish appearance like interior is familiar with the kitchen and living room.
    Would you like to have a gift for your loved ones and those who took care of you?

  • Enriching everyday life with the blessings of nature

    Founded in 1945, Matsunoya is now a rough goods wholesaler that deals in household goods, mainly made from natural materials. At Matsunoya, we worked with producers to develop original products that meet the needs of the times.
    We will enrich your daily life with tools for living that are perfect for today's lifestyles, born from "nice manufacturing that is neither the best nor the best".

  • About the product

    φ about 23 cm x H about 2 cm
    rice straw
    about 240g
    Producing area
    Made in Japan (Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture)
    Using rice straw, each product is hand-knitted.
    There may be slight differences in overall color, stitch size, finish, etc., but please enjoy it as a unique feature.
  • お取り扱いのご注意

    Using rice straw, each product is hand-knitted.
    There may be slight differences in overall color, stitch size, finish, etc., but please enjoy it as a unique feature.

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