Odate Kogeisha Magewappa Lunch Box

Odate Kogeisha Magewappa Lunch Box

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  • What is Magewappa?

    Magewappa is a cylindrical wooden box made by bending thin plates of cedar or cypress. Odate Magewappa in Odate City, Akita Prefecture is famous, but it is made all over Japan. Handcrafted by craftsmen one by one, there are a wide variety of types, such as plain wood, which is simply carved out of wood, and liquid-coated ones.

  • straight wooden bento box

    Odate Magewappa is designated as a national traditional craft.
    Approximately 100 years old Akita cedar is used for Odate Kogeisha's bento boxes.
    Even among the strong Akita cedar, the straight grain extends straight, creating a beautiful bento box.

  • It is a perfect container for making lunch boxes.

    The rice eaten with Magewappa is fluffy and soft.
    You can enjoy a plump and delicious lunch box even in the summer when it tends to get stuffy or in the winter when you want to eat delicious rice.
    Would you like to have a special item that has been carefully selected for your daily lunch box?

  • Good points of Magewappa ①
    rice becomes delicious

    Akita cedar absorbs excess moisture from the rice, keeping the right amount of moisture, which naturally keeps the rice delicious and prevents the food from spoiling.
    It is also a good point that there is no stuffy smell peculiar to bento.
    Since it is difficult for heat to be transmitted, it does not cool easily, and it does not harden even when it cools down, so the rice remains fluffy and you can enjoy delicious rice.

  • Magewappa's good points②
    Design that makes lunch box making fun

    A simple plain wood lunch box that has been stripped of waste.
    With a design that you won't get tired of with natural colors, it makes any food look delicious.
    The bright colors of the side dishes look delicious and beautiful, making it fun to make bento lunches every morning.

  • Advantages of Magewappa ③
    Durable and long lasting. You can use it forever.

    Magewappa can last for decades if used with care.
    It is a traditional Japanese craft that becomes more beautiful the more you use it.
    Taking care of your bento box and treating it with care will deepen your love for it.
    How would you like to have lunch with us every day?

  • Handcrafted by artisans

    Odate Magewappa is made entirely by hand by craftsmen.
    Using techniques that have not changed since the time Magewappa was born, each one is carefully finished without sparing time and effort.
    It is a bento box that has been highly evaluated for its reliable technology that has been passed down for many years.

  • We offer a variety of sizes.

    one step or two steps. From less to more. We have bento boxes of various sizes so that you can choose according to the amount you eat.

  • As a gift for loved ones

    The more you use it for a long time, the more you will love it, and it is also recommended as a gift for your loved ones.
    A gift for friends and family, a gift for a wide range of occasions, such as a celebration for going to school, a celebration for finding a job, or a farewell gift.
    If you send Odate Magewappa, a traditional craft, as a stylish gift to people overseas who love Japan, they will surely be delighted.
    It will be delivered in a special box with a leaflet.

  • Traditional crafts with the passion of craftsmen
    Odate Kogeisha

    Odate Magewappa is designated as a national traditional craft.
    Approximately 100 years old Akita cedar is used for Odate Kogeisha's bento boxes.
    Magewappa is surprisingly light when you hold it in your hand, and it is made with the same craftsmanship that has remained the same since the olden days. It is made over

  • About the product

    W about 170mm x H about 190mm x D about 95mm
    About 390cc (upper) / about 500cc (lower)
    Akita Cedar
    Producing area
    Japan (Akita Prefecture)
    *Please refer to "Handling Precautions" for care and handling.
    *Please note that the color of the product may differ slightly depending on your PC environment.
  • 使用可能熱源

    食器洗浄機※本体のみ ×
    電子レンジ ×
    直火※本体のみ ×
    オーブン※本体のみ ×
    IH ×
    グリル※本体のみ ×
    • お取り扱いのご注意

      Magewappa is often thought to be difficult to clean, but it is very easy to clean.
      If you treat it with care, you can have a long relationship with it.
      ●Correct relationship and care ●
      ・Even if you put something with pigment in it, the color will not transfer to the wood base.
      ・After washing with water, wipe off water and dry thoroughly.
      ・After use, wash with a neutral detergent and a sponge to remove dirt.
      ●Precautions when using the product●
      ・A microwave oven, an oven, the dishwasher are not available.
      ・Do not use cleansers, bleaches or scrubbing brushes.
      ・Avoid leaving it soaked in water or hot water for a long time.

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