Noda Horo 6 Piece Set White Series

Noda Horo 6 Piece Set White Series

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  • The clean white color makes your refrigerator look beautiful and tidy.

    It gives a sense of cleanliness and unity, and makes the kitchen area neat and stylish. It has a simple appearance, so it can be placed on the table as it is, and it will blend in quickly, and the whiteness of the enamel will enhance the appearance of the food. Compared to plastic or glass, it can be used for a long time, so the more you use it, the more you will love it.
    The rectangular deep type can be stacked by removing the lid, so it does not take up much space when stored.

  • The glass material makes it difficult for bacteria to grow and is resistant to salt and acid.

    Enamel is made by baking a glassy glaze onto a metallic material such as iron or aluminum at a high temperature. The vitreous surface makes it difficult for bacteria to grow, and it is resistant to salt and acid, so the quality of the food does not change easily. Since it is made of glass, there is no need to worry about color transfer or odor transfer.

  • The cold insulation effect locks in the deliciousness.

    Since the base is made of iron, it has excellent cold insulation effect.
    This allows the umami to permeate the ingredients well and keeps them longer.
    Salads, fruits, etc., can be chilled in the refrigerator and served directly to the table, as they have a high cooling effect, so you can enjoy them deliciously.

  • It can be used over an open flame or in an oven, which helps reduce cooking time.

    The point of enamel, which is rare in storage containers, is that it can be used in direct flames and ovens.
    It is a step up from the original "preservation" purpose and can also be used as a cooking utensil.
    You can bake gratin and handmade sweets in the oven as they are, or simmer soups and simmered dishes over an open flame. I'm also happy that I can save the trouble of moving it to a vessel or pot.

  • Noda Horo | White Series

    "Noda Horo" was founded in 1934 with a factory in Tochigi Prefecture.
    We are the only manufacturer in Japan that can carry out all processes of enamel making in-house.
    The white series is clean and simple, and has a warm milky white texture.
    It is an excellent storage container that combines preparation, cooking, and storage, and has many fans.

Staff Recommendations <br>Our original amazake! It is not too sweet and has a refreshing aftertaste, even though you can feel the sweetness of the malted rice that is unique to sake brewing rice! It is delicious not only straight, but also with milk or soy milk.

  • set content

    Square S: W106 x D100 x H54mm x 1 piece
    Square M: W124 x D124 x H84mm x 1 piece
    Square L: W124 x D124 x H118mm x 1 piece
    Rectangle deep type S: W154 x D103 x H57mm x 1 piece
    Rectangle deep type M: W183 x D125 x H62mm x 1 piece
    Rectangle deep type L: W228 x D155 x H68mm x 1 piece
    Capacity (when full of water)
    Square S: 320mL
    Square M: 800mL
    Square L: 1200mL
    Rectangle Deep S: 500mL
    Rectangle deep type M: 850mL
    Rectangle deep type L: 1500mL
    Square S: about 130g
    Square M: about 290g
    Square L: about 350g
    Rectangle deep S: about 210g
    Rectangle deep type M: about 300g
    Rectangle deep type L: about 440g
  • About the product

    Body: enamel,
    Seal lid: Polyethylene (EVA resin
    Producing area
    made in Japan
    * The color of the product may differ slightly depending on the viewing environment. please note that.
    *Please avoid using the dishwasher and dryer only for the seal lid.
    *Cannot be used on a stove or in a microwave or IH.
    *Because it is made of glass, please do not give shock such as impact or dropping.
  • 使用可能熱源

    電子レンジ ×
    IH ×
    • お取り扱いのご注意

      Although it is airtight, it is not completely airtight. note that.

      Due to the process, enamel has edges where the copper plate is cut, fine dust in the air adheres during firing, there are places where the enamel is hung or placed with a hanging tool, and where the glaze is not completely applied. Black dots and streaks may occur, but these are genuine products that you can use with confidence.

      When the glass on the surface is chipped due to impact or dropping, the iron may be exposed. If such areas are left with moisture, acid, or salt attached, rust will occur. You can rest assured that it is iron rust, but to prevent it, remove water after use and dry it well.

      Never burn empty. If you burn it empty, wait for it to cool naturally without pouring water over it.

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