Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)
Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)

Pack & Range White (BOX/Small/Deep)

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  • Classic "Pack & Microwave" for those who love cooking

    This white series is an original product of Y Yacht that was jointly developed with the manufacturer.

    The clear container makes it easy to see what's inside, and the design that doesn't take up much width or height helps keep the refrigerator tidy.
    The transparency of the glass makes the ingredients and dishes stand out, so you can enjoy the colors as they are on the dining table.

    “Pack & Microwave” is popular with people who like cooking and those who want to be a little particular about how to make it attractive.
    How about a container for your home or as a gift, which is convenient to have one, and whose uses increase dramatically when you have more than one?

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL
  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    Keep your fridge neat and organized with these transparent containers.

    The important points when choosing a storage container are ease of use and how it fits in the refrigerator.
    The transparent container makes it easy to find what you want in an instant just by opening the refrigerator door.
    What is this? One of the attractions is that you can check the contents without picking it up, and you can also see the storage condition because you can see the contents.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    The glass material prevents color transfer and odor transfer.

    When it comes to storage, the only concerns are color transfer and odor transfer to the container.
    Compared to plastic or enamel ones, glass doesn't have to worry about color transfer or odor transfer. In addition, since it is resistant to acid and salt, it is suitable for making salt koji and soy sauce koji, which are attracting attention recently, and for preserving pickles fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    A durable container that can be used for two generations.

    The reason why "Pack & Range" has been loved for a long time is the heat-resistant glass.
    The glass pressed by the upper and lower molds becomes thicker and stronger. Although it is not possible to create a wide variety of shapes, it is stronger and more solid than general thin heat-resistant glass.

    Many people replace plastic containers with glass containers as they are durable and can be used for a long time, and microplastics have an impact on the environment. is.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    Can be used with direct fire or oven. Great for reducing cooking time.

    Not only is it resistant to heat, but the electromagnetic induction loss that occurs when using a microwave oven is low, so you can use it for heating with confidence.
    *Please do not use in places other than microwaves and ovens, such as open flames and stoves.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    Take it out of the fridge and serve it straight to the table.

    “Tsukurioki” has become popular in recent years. One of the reasons why “Pack & Microwave” is so popular is that it can be served directly to the dining table as a translucent glass bowl.
    The plain and simple design goes well with any kind of dish, such as salads and boiled dishes, and it does not spoil the atmosphere of the dining table when serving leftover side dishes.

  • IWAKI / Pack & Range

    Classic long-selling "Pack & Range".
    It has been chosen by many people for more than 30 years since its launch.

    It can be used as a storage container, as a tableware, or as a cooking utensil. An excellent kitchen container that performs 3 roles in 1.
    It is an item that is "the most suitable for me" that can be used skillfully to help shorten the preparation time for meals.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL
  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    FAQ ①
    How to store soup that easily overflows

    When storing food that easily spills, such as soup, cover it with plastic wrap before closing the lid so that it does not spill from the gap between the container and the lid.

  • iwaki Pack & Microwave Storage Container Box/Small (M) Deep 1000mL

    Frequently Asked Questions②
    Handling of the lid

    [About handling]
    ・Like the main body, the lid is also resistant to odors, but please be aware that strong-smelling dishes may cause lingering scents or pigmentation.
    ・Do not hold the lid when carrying. The glass will fall out.
    ・Do not store horizontally as it is not completely sealed.

    [About heating in a microwave oven]
    ・When heating in a multi-function range, be sure to heat in microwave mode.
    ・Do not close the lid in the oven.
    ・Remove the lid when heating food with a lot of oil in the microwave.

  • About the product

    W about 15.6cm x H about 15.6cm
    D about 6.6cm
    Body: Heat-resistant glass Lid: Polypropylene
    Producing area
    Glass body: China Lid: Japan
    Handling Precautions
    * Please check the following for precautions regarding use.
    * The color of the product may differ slightly depending on the PC environment you see.
  • 使用可能熱源

    直火※本体のみ ×
    IH ×
    グリル※本体のみ ×
    • お取り扱いのご注意

      ・Heat resistant temperature is about 120℃. Please be careful not to overheat or empty.
      ・You cannot make caramel sauce in a microwave oven using heat-resistant glass. The temperature may rise and the glass may break.
      ・ Heating frozen items in a preheated oven may cause damage. Thaw before heating.
      ・When you put it in the toaster oven, keep it 3-4 cm away from the heat source.
      ・Do not heat with heating equipment other than ovens and microwave ovens, such as open flames and heaters.
      ・When cleaning, use a soft sponge and kitchen detergent.

    About returns and exchanges

    When the product arrives, please check the product immediately.
    We make every effort to ensure that our products are perfect, but in the unlikely event that the product is damaged, we will replace it with a substitute product, so please contact us by email or phone within 7 days after the product arrives.

    About defective products

    We take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect in the product, damage during delivery, or incorrect delivery due to our store, please contact us within 7 days from the arrival of the product. We will exchange it for you.
    * In this case, the shipping fee will be borne by our shop.

    About delivery and payment

    Takkyubin Nationwide uniform 700 yen + tax
    (Hokkaido, Okinawa, and other remote islands: 1,100 yen + tax)
    Free shipping for orders over 10,800 yen (tax included) (*1800 yen + tax for remote islands).

    Yu-Packet 280 Yen Nationwide Only some products are available for mail delivery.
    *Only available for some products. Due to size restrictions, it may not be possible to use this service when ordering multiple items or when ordering gift wrapping or Noshi.

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